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What is the difference between Betacaine® Enhanced Gel and other topical anesthetics?
· There is no occlusion necessary.
· It is easier to wipe off.
· It adheres to the skin.
· It does not run or slide.
· It is fast acting.
· It feels cool and clean.
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How fast does it work?
The manufacturer recommended time is between 20 to 30 minutes but doctors have told us that you can feel the effects within as little as 10 minutes.
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Does Betacaine®Enhanced Gel work better under occlusion?
Absolutely not. It is extremely important that you do not occlude. The product was formulated to avoid the inconvenience of occlusion.
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How thick does Betacaine® Enhanced Gel need to be applied?
You should maintain a medium layer as if you were icing a cake.
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Do I need a prescription to get Betacaine® Enhanced Gel?
No prescription is required. The product was formulated following the FDA monograph to be an Over-the-Counter product.
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How can patients buy Betacaine® Enhanced Gel?
Many doctors prefer carrying it in their office and dispense it to their patients while others have their patients call directly to Theraderm. In a few cases, they will have a local pharmacy carry it for them. It is available online at various sites. You can also call us at 1-800-972-1888 or fax an order to 1-813-876-9095.
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How does Betacaine® Enhanced Gel cost compare to other topical anesthetics in the market?
We are 10 to 20% lower than most others.
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What does dual phase action mean?
It means it works in 2 different phases:
(1) Lidocaine in an occlusive ointment
(2) Lidocaine in the alcohol gel - alcohol penetrates the skin and lidocaine is very soluble in alcohol.

It provides a greater concentration of drug to the surface of the skin and gives a cooling feeling.
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